From the Thirties to the present

Already open before the Second World War as a marketplace tavern, Osteria La Solita Zuppa was a meeting point for the farmers who came into the city from the country to sell their produce. Lampredotto, trippa, fettunta, ribollita and red wine were handed across the tables amidst trade negotiations, anecdotes and chatter.

In the Seventies La Solita Zuppa was converted into a pizzeria, while continuing to serve such traditional Tuscan dishes as pici, beans and wild boar…

In 1984 Roberto and Luana began the process of restoring the Osteria to its gastronomic roots, serving the dishes that best show off the products of local farms.

Since 2012 Andrea and Lorella welcome guests with traditional courtesy and hospitality, offering a cuisine based on slow cooking, often in a wood-burning oven to enhance flavours while giving the dishes just the right lightness and all the charm of days gone by.